China best CZPT Z series Oil Free Screw Air Compressor AQ15VSD with Best Sales

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Product Description

Atlas Copco Z series Oil Free Screw Air Compressor
Model: AQ15VSD


When it comes to clean, oil-free compressed air, you cannot afford to compromise on quality.

Over the past decades, CZPT has pioneered oil-free water-injected screw technology, resulting in a broad range of compressors delivering 100% oil-free, clean air. Setting the standard through

ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 certification, the AQ meets your need for pure oil-free air while offering best in class energy efficiency

Zero risk of contamination

Whether your activities are in pharmaceutical production, food & beverage, critical electronics or in a similarly exacting industry, air quality is paramount for your end product and production process. Atlas Copco’s AQ oil-free compressors eliminate the risks of oil contamination.

Reduced energy costs

With energy amounting to over 70% of a compressor’s lifecycle costs (LCC), its importance is clear. The most efficient compressed air solution optimizes the pressure, volume and air treatment equipment for each production process. Atlas Copco’s AQ compressors provide you with the ultimate all-in-1 package to reduce your electricity bill to a minimum.

Renowned expertise

Drawing on vast experience and continuous technological innovations, CZPT has been leading the industry in oil-free compressed air technology for over 60 years.

With the protection of your application in mind, CZPT has designed its AQ range to offer the superb 100% oil-free quality air you are in need of.


At CZPT we aim to provide you with compressors that fulfill and even exceed your expectations and demands. Built as the result of decades of experience in oil-free design and manufacturing, the AQ range of oil-free screw compressors gives you all of this experience and knowledge in a class leading packag

Water-injected screw element

• Highly energy-efficient thanks to low temperatures.

• Water-lubricated, grease-free bearings.

• In-house design and manufacturing.

• Working pressure up to 13 bar.

Water filter

• Ensuring a constant supply of clean water.

• The filtration capability equals 10 micron  throughout the filter’s lifetime.

Heavy-duty air filter

• Protects the compressor components by removing 99.9% of dirt particles down to 3 microns.

• Differential inlet pressure for proactive maintenance while minimizing pressure drop.

Separator vessel

• Stainless steel water separator vessel for separation via centrifugal and gravity forces.

• Three sensors included for precise water regulation.

Induction motor

• IP55 induction motor, flange-mounted for perfect alignment.

• Combined with direct driven arrangement for superior energy efficiency

Reverse osmosis system

The built-in reverse osmosis system provides a reliable supply of high quality water, ensuring autonomy and continuous operation.

Air-cooled fan and water-cooler

• Air and water-cooled variants are available throughout the range.

• Small footprint and installation thanks to built-in heat exchangers.

• Water-cooled units provide a continuous air temperature at the dryer inlet of less than 55°C (131°F).

Integrated highly efficient dryer

• CZPT in air quality.

• 50% reduction in energy consumption compared to traditional dryers.

• Zero CZPT depletion.

Elektronikon Graphic

Advanced Elektronikon

Graphic control and monitoring system, designed for integration in a (remote) processcontrol system.

Sound insulated canopy

No separate compressor room is required as the sound insulated canopy allows for installation in most working environments.

Electronic no-loss water drain

• Ensures constant removal of condensate.

• Manual integrated bypass for effective condensate removal in case of power failure.

• Integrated with compressor’s Elektronikon with warning/alarm features.


At the heart of the new AQ range is a unique water-injected screw element working highly efficient near isothermal compression. The polymer ceramic rotors with their optimized rotor profile are supported by water-lubricated bearings, ensuring that no oil whatsoever can contaminate the compression element, thereby producing pure oil-free air.


A highly efficient compression process is achieved thanks to high quality polymer CZPT ceramic rotors with optimum profiling. The combination of corrosion-free, high efficiency raw material and water lubrication results in a longer lifespan.

Element housing

Strength and durability are ensured as a result of the aluminium bronze element housing without risk of corrosion within the element.

Element bearings

The use of hydrodynamic bearings ensure long life as no physical contact is made within the bearing itself, it simply glides on a film of water removing the need for any oil or grease lubrication.

Superior water-injected

screw element

• Increased free air delivery.

• Low specific energy consumption.

• Near isothermal compression process.

• Pressure ratings of 7, 10 and 13 bar.

The highly effective cooling capabilities of water combined with precision

engineering ensure the supreme energy efficiency of the AQ compressors.

ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0



When it comes to clean, oil-free compressed air for your critical processes, you can’t afford to compromise. Atlas Copco, a pioneer in oil-free air screw technology, is known for its range of water-injected compressors designed especially for applications that require oil-free air. Now CZPT has achieved a new HangZhoustone: setting the standard for air purity as the first manufacturer to be certified ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0.

Why a new class?

Industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, electronics and textiles must exclude any risk of contamination. Otherwise severe consequences could follow: spoiled or unsafe products, production downtime and damage to both brand and reputation.

To address the needs of critical applications where air purity is essential, the ISO 8573-1 compressed air standard was revised in 2001. Along with a more comprehensive measuring methodology, a new and more stringent class was added to the 5 existing purity classes: ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0.

First to achieve ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0

As the industry leader committed to meeting the needs of the most demanding customers, CZPT requested the renowned TÜV institute to type-test its AQ range of oil-free water-injected screw compressors. Using the most rigorous testing methodologies available, all possible oil forms were measured across a range of temperatures and pressures.

The TÜV found no traces of oil at all in the output air stream. Thus CZPT not only became the first compressor manufacturer to receive CLASS 0 certification, but also exceeded ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 specifications.

Atlas Copco eliminates any risk

Only oil-free compressors deliver oil-free air. Whether your activities are in pharmaceutical production, food processing, critical electronics or a similarly exacting industry, it is essential to eliminate risk. That’s why you need an CZPT risk-free solution: oil-free screw compressors especially for applications demanding the highest levels of purity. Zero oil means zero risk. Zero risk of contamination. Zero risk of damaged or unsafe products. Zero risk of losses from operational downtime. Above all, zero oil means zero risk of ruining your hard-won reputation.



Over 80% of a compressor’s lifecycle cost is taken up by the energy it consumes. Moreover, the generation of compressed air can account for more than 40% of a plant’s total electricity bill. To cut your energy costs,

Atlas Copco pioneered Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology in the compressed air industry. VSD leads to major energy savings, while protecting the environment for future generations. Thanks to continual investments in this technology, CZPT offers the widest range of integrated VSD compressors on the market.

In almost every production environment, air demand fluctuates depending on different factors such as the time of the day, week or even month. Extensive measurements and studies of compressed air demand profiles show that many compressors have substantial variations in air demand. Only 8% of all installations have a more stable air demand.


Why CZPT Variable Speed Drive technology?

• On average 35% energy savings during fluctuations in production demand with an extensive turndown range.

• Integrated Elektronikon Graphic controller controls the motor speed and high efficiency frequency inverter.

• No wasted idling times or blow-off losses in normal operation.

• Compressor can start/stop under full system pressure without the need to unload with special VSD motor.

• Eliminates CZPT current penalty during start-up.

• Minimizes system leakage due to a lower system pressure.

• EMC Compliance to directives (2004/108/EG).


What is unique about the integrated CZPT AQ VSD?

1 The Elektronikon controls both the compressor and the integrated converter, ensuring maximum machine safety within parameters.

2 Flexible pressure selection from 4 to 13 bar with electronic gearing reduces electricity costs.

3 Special electric motor specifically designed for VSD operation (inverter duty motor). Bearings are protected against induced bearing currents. Both motor and converter are perfectly tuned for highest efficiency across the entire speed range.

4 Electric motor specifically designed for low operating speeds with clear attention to motor cooling and compressor cooling requirements.

5 All CZPT AQ VSD compressors are EMC tested and certified. External sources do not influence compressor operation, nor does the compressor affect the operation of other instruments via emissions or via the power supply line.

6 Mechanical enhancements ensure that all components operate below critical vibration levels throughout the entire compressor speed range.

7 A highly efficient frequency converter in a cool overpressure cubicle ensures stable operation.

8 No ‘speed windows’ that can jeopardize the energy savings and the stable net pressure. Turndown capability of the compressor is maximized.

9 The cubicle cooling booster increases the lifetime of electrical components due to a cool cubicle in overpressure and reduced dust ingress.

10 Offering precise control over pressure, net pressure band is maintained within 0.10 bar, 1.5 psi.

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How to Repair and Maintain an Air Compressor

A compressor is a device used to move air from 1 place to another. Air enters the air compressor through the intake valve. Inside the compressor, the vanes on the inner rotor rotate within an eccentric cavity. The self-adjusting length arm divides the space into multiple cavities of different sizes. As the rotor rotates, air fills the cavity. As air flows around the cavity, it builds pressure and is squeezed out of the compressor output.

Positive displacement

Positive displacement air compressors use reciprocating pistons to compress air. Gas is drawn in during the suction stroke and compressed by moving the piston in the opposite direction. It then discharges the compressed air by moving it in the opposite direction. This type of air compressor is most commonly found in automobiles, refrigerators, and other applications that require high pressure. However, it is not as efficient as a centrifugal compressor.
Most modern air compressors use positive displacement. Positive displacement models capture a volume of air in the compression chamber and distribute it when the pump is operating at maximum capacity. They are more economical than their negative displacement counterparts. Reciprocating screw air compressors are the most common positive displacement compressors. The reciprocating screw air compressor adopts a water jacket around the cylinder and is often used in processes such as oil drilling.
A bicycle pump is an example of positive displacement compression. Air is drawn into the cylinder and compressed by the moving piston. A piston compressor works on the same principle, but it uses a rotating crankshaft or connecting rod to complete the movement of the pistons. There are 2 types of positive displacement compressors: single-acting and double-acting. Both types work on the same principle, both are positive displacement compressors. The difference between the 2 types is the pressure ratio.
In air compression, positive displacement compression reduces the volume of the fluid and reduces its viscosity. This results in higher pressure ratios and is used in centrifugal, axial, and scroll compressors. Positive displacement is a common feature of most air compressors. Positive displacement compressors offer the same benefits and are more energy-efficient when applied to oil-free and gas applications. This type of compression is usually the best choice for low-pressure applications.

oil free

If you’re looking for an air compressor for your business, consider an oil-free air compressor. These models offer cleaner, quieter operation than traditional air compressors and require less maintenance. They also meet ISO Class 0 or Class 1 air purity requirements. Oil-free air compressors are also quieter, with fewer moving parts and less noise. These advantages make oil-free air compressors an ideal solution for many commercial applications.
Air purity is critical in many industries. Even the tiniest drop of oil can damage production equipment or damage products. The best way to find an oil-free air compressor for your business is to consider the process and end product. As air quality improves, more and more businesses are turning to oil-free compressors. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of these air compressors are:
When choosing an oil-free air compressor, it is important to understand the terminology used in the industry. Knowing these terms will make it easier for you to choose the right compressor for your needs. ACTFM, or actual cubic feet per minute, is an industry term for measuring the amount of air pumped in 1 minute under rated conditions. Although a simple number, it can be very useful in determining which type of air compressor is best for your application.
The ISO 8573-1 international standard defines air quality and provides air purity classifications. The strictest classification is air purity class 0. Many manufacturers claim that oil-free air compressors meet this standard. However, a class 0 oil-free air compressor does not necessarily mean that the air is free of contaminants. In fact, Class 0 is the benchmark for air purity. While zero air quality is the highest level, that doesn’t mean it’s completely oil-free.

double acting

A double-acting air compressor is a device that uses compressed air to generate electricity. Its working principle is based on piston and connecting rod. The connecting rod connects the crankshaft to the piston through pins and caps. The piston moves as the piston moves. Rods are usually made of forged carbon steel. In terms of service and maintenance, double-acting compressors require regular vise maintenance and proper cleaning.
The displacement of the compressor is a measure of the displacement that the piston can produce in a certain period of time. Displacement is usually expressed in actual cubic feet per minute. The exact calculation depends on the type of cylinder and the configuration of the compressor. Single-acting cylinders can have head-end or crank-end displacement, both of which can be measured using the displacement equation. A double-acting air compressor will use this equation. 4 and 6 calculate the displacement.
Double-acting air compressors have multiple cylinders and are made of cast iron. They are water-cooled and have a mechanical connection between the piston and connecting rod. A double-acting compressor compresses air twice per revolution of the motor. One cylinder moves up, while the other cylinder moves down. The piston moves down, allowing air to enter through valve #1. During the operation of the compressor, the temperature of the air and gas increases.
Double-acting air compressors typically have high pressure and are considered workhorses. Double-acting compressors also feature intercooling and double compression. As a result, these machines tend to last longer than single-acting compressors. Its low speed and dual compression make it a workhorse in the compressor industry. Double-acting air compressors are workhorses and versatile devices.

fuel tank pressure switch

You can adjust the pressure in the air compressor tank by adjusting the differential pressure. You can turn the mainspring clockwise or counterclockwise to increase or decrease the pressure. This valve will open when the pressure is low enough to start the compressor. If the pressure is too low, the valve should be closed. The cut-in and cut-out pressures should be set to appropriate values. After adjusting the tank pressure, check the hysteresis of the tank pressure switch and set the desired shutoff pressure.
If the pressure in the tank falls below the cut-in level, the tank pressure switch must be replaced. You can test the switch with a multimeter. Make sure the switch is not damaged. If you can’t find the switch, you can look at the other sections. If you find any damaged or missing parts, you should replace them. Otherwise, it may be time to check the tank pressure switch. You may need to disassemble the compressor and remove the switch.
The fuel tank pressure switch is an important part of the air compressor. It keeps you informed of the amount of air delivered by the compressor. If your tank or tank is damaged, your readings will be wrong. If the pressure switch is damaged, it will not function properly and result in incorrect readings. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to fix this. To prevent this from happening, keep the tank pressure switch in good condition.
When the air pressure in the tank drops to the cut-in pressure setting, the switch allows power to flow through it. This will start the motor and pump of the air compressor. Then, if the pressure in the tank rises above the cut-off level, the switch will trip and stop the compressor. This will prevent it from being over-pressurized. Power flow will continue to flow to the motor. Depending on your compressor model, you can change the cut-in and cut-out pressures as needed.

energy source

The power supply of the air compressor is very important. Most air compressors run on 12 VDC, which is ideal for automotive use. Alternatively, you can buy a switching power supply for around $20. No matter which power supply you choose, you must ensure that it can support the maximum current of the compressor. You can find power supplies in all sizes, from quarter-horsepower to five-horsepower.
The voltage required for a three-phase air compressor will vary. Three-phase air compressors require 3 separate power cords and a three-phase electrical service panel. This is because a standard 120/240-volt electrical service panel is not sufficient to power a three-phase compressor. Additionally, three-phase compressors require 3 separate isolated wires for the engine and motor circuits. Three-phase compressors do not require a neutral wire.

China best CZPT Z series Oil Free Screw Air Compressor AQ15VSD     with Best SalesChina best CZPT Z series Oil Free Screw Air Compressor AQ15VSD     with Best Sales

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